Along with our paranormal research, we strive to help in the community as much as possible. We do walks to raise awareness, money, and support for many causes that we believe in.
We are all big Halloween fans starting from our younger days of dressing up and going Trick-or-Treating. We have selected 5 families in the metro area to help give their children the same fun and experiences we had. If you can help please feel free to contact us at rnrp@rocknrollparanormal.org.


Family 1 - Single mom with three girls.

    • Six year old - wants to be a princess.
    • Eight year old - she is undecided but maybe a witch.
    • Eleven year old - would like to be a rock star.

FAMILY 2 - Single mom with an 18 month old girl.

    • Mom would like something girly for her daughter's first Halloween.

FAMILY 3 - Family with 2 girls and a boy.

    • Six year old girl - Dora the Explorer.
    • Eight year old Boy - SpiderMan.
    • Twelve year old girl - a cat.

FAMILY 4 - Single mom with a boy.

    • Two year old boy - a carved pumpkin or a cow.

FAMILY 5 - Family with two boys.

    • Two year old boy - wants to be a puppy.
    • Six year old boy - would like to be SpiderMan.